Wednesday May 8th – Sheep Prices Report

There was a good entry of Sheep on offer this week. Prices for Spring Lambs were similar to last week. The trade for Cast Ewes was slightly improved. There was a large entry of Ewes with Lambs at foot with average prices up resulting in a good clearance of lots.

 Spring Lambs

 Sample prices:

Spring Lambs 54.30 kgs €130, 47 kgs €127, 44.9 kgs €118.50, 38.10 kgs €95, 51 kgs, 43.10 kgs €115, 51.5 kgs €132, 43.10 kgs €115. 44.60 kgs €117.

  Cast Ewes made from €40  to €91 per head

 Ewes with Lambs single lambs at foot made from €80 to €114 per unit.

Ewes with 2 lambs at foot made from €120 to €190 per unit