Sale Regulations


All cattle presented for sale at Roscommon Marts require 2 tags and a valid passport signed by the current owner/keeper.

The Following Test Requirements apply:

Tuberculosis Testing (TB)

All cattle 6 weeks and over including calves have to be within 12 months of TB test. The animal’s passport will need to have the date of test, herd number stamped on it and the signature of the veterinary surgeon showing when the animal was tested and by whom.

Brucellosis Testing

There is no requirement for all animals to have a pre-movement BRUCELLOSIS TEST

Export Testing

In order for animals to be eligible for the live export market they have to be within 30 days of TB test and must be from a complete clear herd. If animals are outside the 30 days then they can be tested by the exporter provided it is at least 42 days from their last TB test. All animals between 30 days and 42 days of their last T.B. test are neither eligible for export or to be tested. So when selling stock that may be suitable for export make sure they are within 30 day test or more than 42 days since their previous test. There is no need to have export certs attached to the passports as Roscommon Mart receives this information from the department.


All sheep presented for sale require the owner to have the new sheep dispatch form for each lot and to be appropriately tagged as per Department of Agriculture & Food regulations.