Sales Days

List of Sales for Autumn 2018

Bullocks, Heifers & Dry CowsEach Friday – 11 a.m.

Special Sales -Bullocks

August:                10th (Joint), 24th (Joint).

September:         7th, 21st.

October:              5th, 19th.

November:          2nd, 16th.

December:          7th (Joint).

Special Sales – Heifers

August:                Fridays 10th, 24th

September:         Fridays 14th, 28th.

October:              Fridays  12th, 26th.

(Breeding Heifer Sale: Friday 19th Oct).

November:          9th, 23rd.

December:          7th (Joint).


Saturday October 6th & Saturday November 24th

Sheep Sales 2018

Breeding Ewes & Rams

Each Saturday @ 11 A.M.

Commencing Saturday August 4th

Lambs & Cast Ewes

Each Wednesday @ 11 A.M.

Show & Sale of Lambs

Wednesday September 5th @ 11 A.M.

(Phelim Kerin Memorial Cup)

Pedigree Sheep Sales

Suffolk:                                 Sat. Aug. 11th, Sat. Sept. 8th, Sat Oct 13th

Char0llais                          Sat. Aug. 18th, Sat. Sept. 15th

Texel:                                      Sat. Aug. 25th, Sat. Sept. 22nd, Fri. Dec. 7th (Evening)

Vendeen:                             Wed. July 18th, Wed. Oct. 3rd, Wed. Oct. 24th

Belclare & Beltex:              Sat. Sept. 29th

Lleyn:                                     Sat. Sept. 1st, Sat. Dec. 8th