Wednesday May 15th – Sheep Prices Report


There was an increase in the number of Spring Lambs on offer this week with an improvement of prices.  Prices for Cast Ewes were similar to the previous week. There was a smaller entry of Ewes with Lambs at foot this week with a good trade and a full clearance of lots.

 Spring Lambs

Sample prices: Spring Lambs 45.1 Kgs €122, 50.80 kgs €132, 42.9 kgs €110, 42.5 kgs €115, 45.5 kgs €118,48.40 kgs €134, 45.91 kgs €121, 44 kgs €120, 50 kgs €130,

 Cast Ewes made from €45 to €106 per head

Ewes with Lambs single lambs at foot made from €134 to €140 per unit.

Ewes with 2 lambs at foot made from €116 to €172 per unit