Wednesday February 20th – Sheep Prices Report


The numbers on offer was slightly less than last week. The trade for Hoggets showed an improvement of approximately €3 per head while Cast Ewes recorded an increase of €4 to €6. Sheep sales continue weekly. Included in sale Wed next 27th Feb 20 In lamb Suffolk X- 2 year olds –scanned in lamb to Charollais Ram due from 5th March– Sheep scanning service will be available on Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.


Sample prices

 12 Hoggets 52.80 kgs €107, 14 Hoggets 45.10 kgs €90,6 Hoggets 49.70 kgs €104.50,10 Wether Hoggets 47.1 kgs €94

 Cast Ewes made from €50 to €116 per head

 4th Crop Ewes with one lamb at foot made €115,

4th Crop Ewes with 2 Lambs at foot made from €138 to €145,

2 Year old Breeding Hoggets scanned in Lamb to Charollais Ram due from 5th March made from €110 to €131 per head.

2nd & 3rd Crop Ewes in lamb to Suffolk Ram due 12th March made from €90 to €130.