Wednesday April 17th Sheep Prices Report


Numbers small this week with the trade for Hoggets improved and Cast Ewes similar to last week. There was a good trade for Ewes with Lambs at foot resulting in a good clearance of Lots. There was a small entry of Spring Lambs with prices similar to the previous week.


 Sample prices

3 Spring Lambs 55 kgs €127, 6 Spring Lambs 42.20 kgs €122,1 Spring Lamb 58 kgs €135, 10 Hoggets 52.20 kgs €116,5 Hoggets 58 kgs €125, 10 Hoggets 42.20 kgs €85,

 Cast Ewes made from €44 to €100 per head

 Ewes with 2 Lambs at foot made from €160 to €195,

Ewes with Single lambs at foot made from €132 to €175.