Wednesday March 26th Sheep Prices Report


There was an excellent trade again this week for Hoggets with prices improved from last week. There were increased numbers of Stag Ewes on offer with a good trade and full clearance of lots. There was also a good number of Ewes with lambs on offer with a top price of €211 for 3 Ewes and 6 Lamb. Sales continue weekly at 11 a.m. Yard opens at 8.30 a.m. from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Included in sale on Wednesday next 20Suffolk X 2nd Crop Ewes scanned in lamb with twins to Suffolk & Texel Rams due end of March onwards.


Sample Prices 


Ewe Hoggets   45.40 kgs €119, 45 kgs €125, 39.40 kgs €94.50, 53.70 kgs €136.50, 50.10 kgs €134


Wether Hoggets :54.20 kgs €142, 69.30 kgs €142.


Cast Ewes made from €60.00  to €121.00


Ewes with Single lambs at foot made €130 to €180 per lot

Ewes with Doubles at foot made €160 to €211 per lot