May 9th – Sheep Report

Numbers on offer was smaller this week. The prices for Spring Lambs were slightly up on the previous week with most lots sold. The trade for Dry Ewes was improved and met with a full clearance. Ewes and Lambs at foot traded well with prices slighter better than the previous week.

 Sample Prices:

 Spring Lambs:

 17 Spring Lambs 48.06 kgs €114, 7 Spring Lambs 53.15 kgs €120, 2 Spring Lambs 44 kgs €113, 1 Spring Lamb 47 kgs €116

 Dry Ewes made from €89 to  €112 per head

 Ewes with Lambs at foot; 1 Ewe with 2 lambs at foot made from €200 to    €250, 2 Ewes with 4 lambs at foot made from €210 to €225