April 25th – Sheep Sale

25th April 2012 – Sheep Sale

There was an increase in the numbers of Spring Lambs, Hoggets and Ewes with Lambs at foot this week. The trade for Dry Ewes showed an increase, while the prices for Spring Lambs was easier. Hoggets prices were well back on the previous week. The Mart will hold a Show & Sale of lambs on Wednesday next May 2nd – see advert for details.

Sample Prices:
2 Spring Lambs 52 kgs €115, 12 Spring Lambs 44.09 kgs €115, 14 Spring Lambs 44.58 €115.8 Hoggets 50.88 kgs €125.

Dry Ewes made from €80 to €120 per head

Ewes with Lambs at foot; 2 Ewe Hoggets with 4 lambs at foot €250, 3 2nd Crop Ewes with 6 lambs at foot €245, 1 2nd Crop with 2 lambs at foot €250, 2 1st Crop Ewes with 4 Lambs at foot €280,