16th May – Sheep Prices Report


Numbers on offer were similar to last week. The prices for spring lambs came under pressure this week as a result of the poor quotes and lesser demand from factories.  The trade for Stag Ewes were easier but still met with a full clearance. Ewes and Lambs at foot traded well with prices slighter better than the previous week.

 Sample Prices:

 Spring Lambs:

 14 Spring Lambs 46.15 Kgs €106, 6 Spring Lambs 48.34 Kgs €108, 9 Spring Lambs 56.12 Kgs €112, 1 Spring Lamb 50 kg €111, 9 Spring Lambs 44.45 kgs €105, 8 Spring Lambs 49.6 kgs €112

 Dry Ewes made from €87 to  €118 per head

 Ewes with Lambs at foot; 1 Ewe with 2 lambs at foot made from €160 to  €190 per lot, 1 Ewe with 1 Lamb at foot made from €140 to €150 per lot