15th May – Suckler Cows, Calves & Weanlings Prices Report



There was a good number of Cows with Calves at foot and Springer Cows at the sale on Tuesday evening last which met with a very brisk trade and full clearance of lots.  The trade for Bull Weanlings were showed an increase while the Heifers Weanlings were similar in price from the previous week.. Tuesday evening sales continue weekly for Suck Calves at 5 p.m. and Weanlings & Suckler Cows at 6 p.m. Sales for Bullocks, Heifers and Dry Cows on Fridays at 11 a.m.For bookings and any other information contact the office at 090 6626352 

Suck calves :

 Sample Prices: Char X Heifer €600, Lim X Bull €590

 Suckler Cows with Calves at foot: €1500 to €2100 per lot

 Sample prices

 4th Calf Simm X Cow with Simm X Bull Calf at foot €1820

5th Calf Lim. X Cow with Char X Bull Calf at foot €1500

3rd Calf Simm X Cow with Char X Bull calf at foot €2000

2nd Calf Char X Cow with Lim X Bull calf at foot €2100

 Springers:  €1400 to €1550 per lot

 Sample prices:

Simmental X 2nd Calf Cow in calf to Char Bull -time up €1420

Limousin X 3rd Calf cow in calf to P.B. Lim Bull due 15th June €1550

 BULL WEANLINGS :  made from €485  to €765 over

 Sample Prices:

 BBX 335 kgs €970, Char X 400 kgs €1160, 2 Lim X 255 kgs €800

Simm X 405 kgs €1150, Char X 465 kgs €1100,

 HEIFER WEANLINGS: made from €510 to €730 over

 Sample Prices:

 2 Lim 310 kgs €920, Char x 370 kgs €880, Char X 395 kgs €1000, BBX 365 kgs €1000, Lim 370 kgs €965, Lim 330 kgs €1035.