Tuesday November 07th 2023 Mart Report Show and Sale of Weanlings

Tuesday November 07th 2023


There was a large entry of top-quality Weanlings on offer at our Show and Sale held on Tuesday evening last with a very strong trade for both Bulls and Heifers. Bull Weanlings fetched from an average of €3.13 per kilo up to €5.05 per kilo, while Heifer Weanlings made from an average of €3.12 per kilo up to €8.80 –

There was a very good attendance of customers ringside with online buyers also active.



Heifer Weanlings ranged from an average of 3.12 per kilo up to €8.80 per kilo
Lim X350 kg€3,080€8.80Per KGBBX305 kg€2,500€8.20Per KG
Lim X325 kg€2,400€7.38Per KGLim X360 kg€2,280€6.33Per KG
Lim X285 kg€2,080€7.30Per KGLim X395 kg€2,020€5.11Per KG
Lim X350 kg€1,980€5.66Per KGChar X350 kg€1,370€3.91Per KG
Bull Weanlings ranged from an average of 3.13 per kilo up to 5.05 per kilo
Char X315 kg€1,590€5.05Per KGChar X325 kg€1,590€4.89Per KG
BBX335 kg€1,580€4.72Per KGChar X370 kg€1,650€4.46Per KG
Char X340 kg€1,570€4.62Per KGChar X285 kg€1,380€4.84Per KG
Char X310 kg€1,290€4.16Per KGChar X285 kg€1,200€4.21Per KG
Char X240 kg€1,000€4.17Per KGChar X250 kg€1,090€4.36Per KG