Wednesday February 12th – Mart Report -Sheep Prices

Property Services Providers Licence No. 001373

There were smaller numbers on offer this week. Hoggets fetched from €106 per head up to tops of €130 per head. Stag Ewes ranged from €95 up to €110. There were excellent quality in lamb ewes on offer today and they made from €158 up to €196. Sheep sales continue on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. for Lambs & Cast Ewes. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID Tag set.

Wednesday February 19th @ 11 a.m.Special Entry of 30 Excellent Quality in Lamb Ewes to Char X &Suff Rams- Due Mid-March

Also:45 Top Quality in Lamb Hoggets Suff/Mule X in lamb to Texel & Suffolk RamsDue 1st March onwards

 Sheep Scanning service Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and weekly thereafter

Sample Prices;    Finished Hoggets :

62 kgs €130, 48.2 kgs €122, 45 kgs €120, 44.8 kgs €110, 44.3kgs €107, 44kgs €106.


Cast Ewes made from €95 to €110 per lot.

In Lamb Ewes made from €158 up to €196 per lot

 Ewe with 1 lamb @ Foot made €142