Wednesday May 31st – Mart Report – Sheep Prices

We had a smaller entry of sheep at this week’s sale. There was a small dip in price for Spring Lambs with a top price of €125. There was a steady trade for Cast Ewes. There was plenty of Ewes with Lambs @ foot again this week and there was a full clearance of lots.  Sales continue each Wednesdays at 11 a.m. for Lambs & Cast Ewes.

 Sample Prices:   Spring Lambs:

57.5kgs €125, 48.7kgs €122, 49.3kgs €121, 49kgs €120, 48.5kgs €120,

45.8kgs €118, 45kgs €118, 44.3kgs €117.5, 43.5kgs €115, 42kgs €114.



Cast Ewes made from €77 to €105 per lot


Ewe with two Lambs @ foot made up to €210.


Ewe with one Lamb @ foot made from €175 to €210