May 22nd Suck Calves, Weanlings & Cows

The usual sale for Calves, Weanlings & Suckler Cows was held on Tuesday evening. The sale was slightly smaller than the previous week. The trade was steady for all classes with most lots sold. Please note that the final evening sales for Suck Calves Weanlings & Suckler Cows will be held on Tuesday next May 29th. As and from June 1st Sales for Weanlings, Cows and Suck calves will be sold on Fridays at 11 a.m. in conjunction with Bullocks, Heifers and Dry Cows. For bookings and any other information contact the office at 090 6626352 or email us at  


 Sample Prices:

Friesian Bulls made from €135 to €170, Limousin Heifer €400

 Suckler Cows with Calves at foot: €1700 to €1780 per lot

 Sample prices

AA Cow with Char X Heifer Calf at foot €1700

1st Char Heifer with Char X Bull calf at foot €1710

3rd Calf Hex Cow with Char X Bull calf at foot €1780

  BULL WEANLINGS :  made from €580 to €830 over

 Sample Prices: Char 535 kgs €1300, 2 Lim X 455 kgs €1200,

Lim X 390 kgs €950, Char 455 kgs €1170, Char 360 kgs €1075,

Char X 415 kgs €1240, Lim X 330 kgs €1000, Char X 290 kgs €985

 HEIFER WEANLINGS: made from €415 to €600 over

 Sample Prices:

  Lim X 380 kgs €960, Lim X 310 kgs €865, Lim 330 kgs €910

Char 315 kgs €800, Char 290 kgs €800,